The speed of the Nikon Z9 allows you to catch a bullet

The Nikon Z9 catches a bullet

The past weekend I was down in Ruhpolding, Germany, to cover the Biathlon World Cup. This was my first sporting event working with my new Nikon Z9 camera so I finally got to test the camera in real action. Overall I’m super happy with the camera, the autofocus is just amazing when it comes to 3D tracking athletes. Also the image quality is super great, even at higher ISOs. The 45Mp resolution allowing you to really crop in close on the action if needed. Anyway, the most exciting test was the one I did with the 120 frames per second

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Nikon Z9 ISO test

Today I did a ISO comparison with the Nikon Z9 compared to the Nikon Z6II and Nikon D850.  I’ve been using my old D850 a lot for astrophotography and have been very pleased with its ISO performance.  When I got my Nikon Z6II about a year ago I found it to outperform my Nikon D850 regarding ISO. That was expected since it has a lower resolution. So now that I’ve got my Nikon Z9 I thought it would be interesting to see how it performs against both the Nikon D850 and the Nikon Z6II. I did 4 exposures with each

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Crescent moon flyby

On the 27th of July 2019 I was out to take photos and film the moonrise behind a tower called Arctura here in Östersund, Sweden. My setup was two camera, one Nikon D500 with my Nikon AF-S 600mm f/4 D IF-ED II lens filming in 4K and my Nikon D850 with a Nikon AF-S 300mm f/4E PF ED VR and Nikon AF-S TC-20E III teleconverter for still photos. When filming in 4K with my Nikon D500 I have a 2,25 crop factor so using it with my 600mm lens gives me an focal length equivalent of 1 350mm. Here’s a photo

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Astrofotografen Göran Strand

New website

Finally my new website is up and running! I’ve been thinking of replacing my old website with a new one for several years now but never got around to it. Also, with this new website I’m finally merging my two old websites (astrofotografen.se and fotografgoranstrand.se) to one. By merging these two sites I’m able to show both my daytime and nighttime work in the same place. The launch of this new website will also mark the end to posting on my old blog, from now on all new blog posts will be done here. The old blog will remain as

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