About photographer Göran Strand

My name is Göran Strand and I work as a freelance photographer based out of Östersund, Sweden.

For many years I’ve been a passionate photographer and ever since childhood I’ve been very interested in astronomy. 

As a freelance photographer I help customers with portraits, commercial shots, events, sports just to name a few categories. I have both domestic and international customers.

I also do lots of lectures, workshops and guided photo trips where I teach photography and astrophotography.

Many of my photos has been published by NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day, SpaceWeather.com, National Geographic and many more national and international media and news agencies. My movie material has been used by Coldplay, Spitz Incorporated, Discovery Channel, SVT just to name a few.

2016 och 2013 I was awarded astrophotographer of the year in Sweden and in 2021 I won second prize in the world largest astrophotography contest Astronomy Photographer of the Year.

Since 2020 I’m working together with Nikon as one of their Nikon Creator for their new mirror less camera system. I’m also an ambassador at Focus Nordic och Leofoto.

Fotograf Göran Strand i Östersund


In November 2016 the Swedish postal service PostNord published five of my Northern Light photos as stamps. Here is a preview of these five stamps.

Frimärke Norrsken Jämtland
Frimärke Norrsken Jämtland
Frimärke Norrsken Östersund
Frimärke Norrsken
Frimärke Norrsken natur


I’ve published two books, the first one, Jämtlandsnatt (Nights in Jamtland) was published in 2012. My second book Ljusår – Ett år av ljus (Light Year – A year of lights), was published in 2016. In both of my books I show differents sky and weather phenomenon.

Jämtlandsnatt bok
Ljusår - Ett år av ljus