Allsky camera build

As an astrophotographer I’m always keeping an eye on the sky to see whats going on. But it’s hard, if not impossible, to constantly keep an eye out for Northern Lights, meteors or just knowing if the sky is clear or not. For several years I’ve had an idea of building an allsky camera that always keeps an eye on the sky for me, but I never got around to build one until now. I started the build project in late August by ordering the camera I’ve found suited my needs the best, a ZWO ASI178MC. The camera arrived in

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Northern Lights and Noctilucent clouds

Last night I got to see some amazing Northern Lights for the first time this season. Seeing the Northern Lights as early as on the 8th of August is actually a new personal record for me. As you can see in this photo I also got to see some Noctilucent clouds together with the Northern Lights. This combination is not that common and I’m really glad I got to combine these two beautiful sky phenomenons. This is a panoramic image made from 7 photos stitched together. The photos were taken around 01:30 local Swedish time, close to the city of Östersund,

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Stunning Northern Lights

Wow, just wow! Last night’s Northern Lights was one of the most beautiful auroras I’ve seen. Such activity and fast moving corona is not that common so I’m glad I stayed up all night waiting.  Here’s a short video I made from last night showing the Northern Lights in real-time. As you can see in a couple of clips, the activity in the corona is really fast, it looks so surreal seeing something like this in reality.  All the conditions was perfect, almost no wind and temperatures just a few degrees below zero. The moonlight maybe was a bit to strong but

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Space art created by smoke and water

Create your own space art

During long periods of cloudy weather it can be really frustrating as a astrophotographer waiting for the sky to clear up. Over the years I’ve learn how to handle these long down times. It’s a good time to look back on your old work and see if you can do something new with old images. Or you could spend your time creating your own space art in the comfort of your home or studio. I’ve seen some photos of smoke earlier and really like the shapes and structures that take form in the smoke. I thought it could be a great

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